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Specialty Contact Lenses


What are Specialty Contact Lenses?

Specialty contact lenses are designed to correct various eye conditions that cannot be treated with regular contact lenses. Some of these conditions include keratoconus, astigmatism, presbyopia, dry eyes, and irregular corneas. 

At Union Family Eye Associates we specialize in treating various conditions with innovative contact lens technology.

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Scleral contact lenses

Scleral Lenses

If you have a very high refractive error (prescription), irregularly shaped cornea due to keratoconus or post-surgical cases, severe dry eyes, or you haven’t been able to achieve superior vision with a conventional contact lens, you would be a great candidate for a scleral contact lens. Scleral lenses are large-diameter lenses that cover the entire cornea and the rest of the white part of the eye – the sclera. They create a smooth surface that improves vision and comfort for people with irregular corneas. The curve of these lenses is filled with a fluid reservoir, making them a good option for people with extremely dry eyes.

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Rigid Gas-Permeable Lenses

Rigid Gas-Permeable Lenses

Rigid gas-permeable lenses (RGP) are contact lenses made of a hard plastic material that allows oxygen to pass through to the eye. They are smaller and more durable than soft lenses, and they provide sharper vision and better correction for high prescriptions and astigmatism. They can take some time to get used to, but with a proper fitting and adequate adjustment period, RGP contact lenses are a good option for people with irregular shaped corneas. 

hybrid contact lenses

Hybrid Lenses

These are lenses that have a rigid gas permeable (RGP) center and a soft outer ring – they are essentially an RGP lens fused to a soft contact lens giving you the clarity of RGP lenses with the comfort of soft lenses. These lenses are suitable for people with keratoconus, astigmatism, or high prescriptions. Hybrid lenses are more customizable than soft contact lenses but not as customizable as conventional RGP or scleral lenses.

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Ortho-K Lenses

Ortho-K lenses are special contact lenses that reshape the cornea of the eye during sleep. They are designed to correct mild to moderate myopia and astigmatism. Ortho-K lenses are worn overnight and removed in the morning, providing clear vision without glasses or regular contact lenses during the day. Ideal for active young people participating in sports and activities, especially swimming.

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misight contact lenses

Myopia Control Lenses

Dr. Bhat is Union County's FIRST certified provider in CooperVision's Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program.

The MiSight 1 Day soft contact lenses, the only FDA approved for myopia control, are the most comfortable option when considering wearable myopic control devices. These lenses are inserted in the mornings and thrown away before bedtime. These lenses reduce the rate of myopia progression in children.

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Custom-made Lenses

These are lenses that are tailor-made to fit the specific shape and size of the eye. They can correct various problems that standard lenses cannot, such as high astigmatism, irregular corneas, or post-surgical eyes.