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At UFEA, We are on numerous medical insurance panels as well as participating in many vision benefit plans. If we are a provider on your insurance panel, our office will be able to file and bill your insurance claim for you. Your responsibility will simply be for any co-payment and other charges your insurance does not cover. Our office will help you receive your maximum benefits, if you have provided us with the necessary current insurance information at the time of examination, or prior to the time your eye wear is ordered.

Otherwise, you will be responsible for all costs incurred. We will not become involved in disputes between you and your insurance company regarding deductibles, co-payments, coverage, etc. If your insurance company has not paid the balance within 60 days of service, and it is determined that they will not be paying, you will have 30 days to pay the balance. Should the account be referred for collections, you will be responsible for collection fees and expenses.

If we are Out of Network for you insurance panel, you will be responsible for all fees and charges that you incur. Payment is due the day of the examination unless prior arrangements have been made. Our office will provide you with an itemized statement that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You have a right to a summary of your clinical findings.

As a patient you are entitled to a copy of your clinical findings the original examination document. A clinical summary is often easier to review and understand. We are happy to provide you with a clinical summary after your appointment. This summary contains a list of diagnosis your doctor assigns and an explanation of each diagnosis. We will provide this to you at your request within 48 hours of your examination or you can access the information on your own, through our secure, online patient portal.


We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Care Credit. A $30.00 returned check fee will be assessed for any returned checks. We reserve the right to hold your driver’s license information, social security number and/or and a credit card on file, securely, in case of any to be used towards any delinquent accounts.


If your insurance plan requires a co-payment, you are expected to pay this at the time of service.


Refunds are made after all insurance claims have been settled. Refunds may be issued as a check or placed as a credit on the account.


Accounts with services over 30 days old are considered “Past Due.” Our billing staff will make a reasonable attempt to notify you if your account has reached a “Past Due” status. It is important that all changes in your name, address, phone number, insurance, or employment be relayed to our office as it can affect the billing of your account. If we are unable to locate a patient, payment is not received, or satisfactory payment arrangements are not made, then an account will be charged re-billing fees and/or referred to our collection agency. Should this occur the patient will be responsible for collection fees and expenses.