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National Patient Recognition Week is celebrated the first week of February each year, with February 3 being National Patient Recognition Day.

This week recognition was founded in 1995 by John O’Malley to honor patients and give healthcare organizations the opportunity to "demonstrate that patients' needs go beyond the technical aspects of care to include compassion, empathy, and connection."

During Patient Recognition Week and every week at Union Family Eye, we honor our patients by providing each one with a customized approach to their vision needs. Together we maximize outcomes for you.

At some time in our lives, every one of us has been a patient. It’s likely that each of will be a patient again in the future. Caring for our patients and our loved ones takes continual commitment. Patient Recognition Week reminds us and healthcare professionals to renew their commitment to patient care beyond treating an illness.

At Union Family Eye we renew our commitment to our patients and continually reaffirm our core values:

  • Our patients are paramount and our team treats everyone with respect and professionalism.
  • We treat our patients as family.

Thank you to all of our patients! We appreciate you this week and everyday! We look forward to helping this community for many years!