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Let their personality shine!

As we wind down Summer activity and get focused (no pun intended) on the upcoming weeks, preparing for school, remember to have your child’s vision examined.

Once it’s established that your child needs corrective eyeglases, you probably know that walking into an eyewear gallery can be confusing.

There is no shortage of choice in frame styles / colors / material etc.,. Besides the decision(s) of Frame and Lens options, trying to figuring out which glasses your child will be willing to wear through the year is another consideration.

Here are some shopping tips to help you choose glasses your child will love and that will be stylish and durable.

  1. How thick will the lenses be? The eyeglasses prescription is the primary consideration in the choice of glasses. Our opticians are trained to answer this question. If the prescription calls for strong lenses that are likely to be thick, we recommend avoiding large frames.
  2. Choose a modern, attractive style. Most kids will be self-conscious wearing glasses especially if it’s the first time as they return for a new school year. So, choose frames that have a modern, attractive style.
  3. Plastic or metal? Children’s frames are made of either plastic or metal. In the past, plastic frames were a better choice for children because they were considered more durable, less likely to be bent or broken, lighter in weight and less expensive. But now, manufacturers are making metal frames that incorporate these features. Choose frames made of hypoallergenic materials if your child has shown sensitivity to certain substances.
  4. Proper bridge fit A significant challenge to choosing frames for young children is that their noses are not fully developed; they don’t have a bridge to prevent plastic frames from sliding down. Metal frames, however, usually are made with adjustable nose pads, that allows some flexibility.We evaluate each fit individually to make sure it fits the bridge. If gaps exist between the bridge of the frame and the nose bridge, the lenses weight will cause the glasses to slide, no matter how well the frame seems to fit before the lenses are made.
  5. The right temple style For the very young we recommend temples that wrap round the year – called ‘cable temples’. Another option is a frame that includes an elastic strap that goes around the head.
  6. Spring hinges Kids are always taking their glasses off with just one hand, that places additional stress on the temples. A useful feature to look for is temples with spring hinges. These allow the temples to flex outward, away from the frames, reducing the risk of damage.
  7. Warranties Our eyewear lines offer a warranty plan that replace frames and/or lenses at no charge or for a small fee in case of damage. This comes especially handy if your child is a toddler or is wearing glasses for the first time.
  8. Purchase a "backup pair" Because kids can be tough on their glasses, it’s a good idea to purchase a second, or backup, pair of eyeglasses for them — especially if your child has a strong prescription and cannot function without his or her glasses.

After having considered all of the above, remember:

Let Them Choose Their Glasses. Eye glasses are like a customizable facial feature, and that makes them a wonderful expression of personal style. So, let’s put aside our ideas of color coordination and fashion, because your child has their own idea of what cool glasses look like. Empowering them to make this decision will go a long way in having them wear these in school.

Our office loves to help kids of all ages; Please call 704-821-5009 for an appointment and our friendly team will surely help you!