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Make Safety a priority!

Each year, nearly 50 percent of the annual 2.5 million eye injuries occur at home; that's more injuries than occur in school and at the work place – combined. From cleaning and cooking to mowing and repairing, eye injuries occur every day while performing routine activities. When completing these daily tasks in and around the home, we often become complacent and do not take proper safety precautions. During Home Eye Safety Month we hope you will start taking necessary safety measures to reduce your risk of eye injury.

The most common place for eye injury to occur is in the yard or garden. One in four eye injuries happen during home repair. However, there are things you can do, both indoors and outdoors, to help protect your eyes and body from unnecessary injury. Here are a few tips for keeping your eyes healthy and safe:

  1. Wear eye protection, we cannot stress this enough. Eye protection, such as safety goggles, protects your eyes against particles and dust, flying debris and chemicals splashes. Also note that regular corrective lenses do not protect your eyes against injury; you can easily find safety goggles that are worn over your glasses.
  2. When using hazardous products (e.g., bleach, detergents, cleansers) never mix chemical agents or other caustic substances, always read and follow the manufacturer warnings and guidelines, and always use in well-ventilated areas.
  3. To improve safety on stairs and walkways remove tripping hazards, secure rugs, install gates on stairs, and provide sufficient lighting and effective handrails. This is especially important in homes and locations where toddlers and senior citizens reside.
  4. Remove debris and inspect yard and garden before beginning yard work, such as mowing or using a weed trimmer. This measure will not only protect you, but it will prevent potential injury to bystanders.
  5. Remember to wash your hands after completing a task and before touching your eyes or face.
  6. Be sure tools and cleaners are out of the reach of children.
  7. When cooking use shields, as this will prevent hot oils from splashing on your body, face, and especially your into your eyes.

Understandably, we cannot prevent all injuries from occurring. If you should experience an eye injury DO NOT rub or touch the eye, DO NOT apply medication to the eye, and DO NOT attempt to remove any debris from the eye. If the eye injury is caused by a chemical in the eye, thoroughly flush the eye with water. For all eye injuries seek medical attention immediately.

We thoroughly recommend the following:

  • Use protective eyewear when doing projects at home, when working outside and for sports.
  • When you spend time outdoors, wear sunglasses that provide 97-100 percent UV protection.
  • Make sure you and your family get regular eye check-ups and screenings.
  • If you have a chronic disease like diabetes, follow through on any physician recommendations related to eye care.