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Certified Eye Vitamins Used by MLB, NFL, NHL and NCAA

EyePromise, is the #1 recommended line of eye vitamins in our office.

Formulated to help preserve, support, and improve vision and eye health, this company has partnered with three recent Korn Ferry Tour winners and recent PGA Tour graduates: Dylan Wu, Jared Wolfe and Lee Hodges. All 3 golfers are rookies on the PGA Tour for the 2021-2022 PGA Tour Season.

Already used by many PGA Tour golfers including 31-time European Title Winner Colin Montgomerie and 2021 Ryder Cup Captain Pádraig Harrington, EyePromise has been helping these golfers and other athletes have sharper vision and overall improved eye health.

A graduate of Northwestern University, 25-year-old Dylan Wu earned his PGA Tour Card this past summer after a big win at the Price Cutter Championship. “I’m excited to officially join the EyePromise family,” said Wu. “One year ago at the eye doctor, I decided to give eye vitamins a try. Since then, I have noticed improvement in my ability to read the greens and less sensitivity in sunlight. This gives me confidence which, in turn, has helped me improve my game.”

Similarly, American Jared Wolfe, who has played globally since 2014 and had victories last year at the Bahamas Great Abaco Classic and the Wichita Open, got curious about eye vitamins after hearing about them from others on the Korn Ferry Tour. “Vision is so important to golf, and frankly, any sport or day-to-day activity. I figured if the Boston Red Sox and other professional sports teams rely on these, why not give them a try?,” said Wolfe. “I’ve been taking Vizual Edge Pro™ since November of 2020 and have noticed that I am picking up on so many more of the little details on the golf course and seeing my targets from a distance more clearly. For example, I can pick up the subtle contours and the grain on the greens much better.”

Are you interested in upping your game? Talk to us about the role of multivitamins in improving your visual performance. We would love to help! Call [or Text] 704-821-5009.