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Myopia Matters awareness campaign

Myopia is one of the most prevalent vision issues globally, especially in children.

By 2050, it is estimated nearly 5 billion people will be myopic. Many in the industry including Essilor, a leading manufacturer of optical lenses globally, recognizes that myopia is an urgent issue and the prevalence is increasing dramatically worldwide.

The Essilor Group has made a global commitment to address this growing issue, with Essilor of America taking a leadership role in addressing myopia in the U.S. through a new campaign targeted at consumers and the eyecare industry. The integrated campaign will educate and drive awareness around the rise of myopia; including a movie trailer hitting theaters nationwide that urges parents to take a proactive role in their child’s eye health and sight by visiting an eyecare professional for a comprehensive eye exam to identify myopia before it impacts their everyday life. A school vision screening or a brief examination by a pediatrician is not enough, as eye health problems in children may be missed.

To give parents a firsthand look at a child’s experience and teach them how to identify the signs of myopia, Essilor launched the “Out of Focus” movie trailer showing in select theaters nationwide beginning Friday, Sept. 14, through Friday, Nov. 1. The trailer offers a perspective of the children who struggle in life because they live life out of focus and ends with a powerful call to action for parents who see these signs in their own kids to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with their local eyecare professional.

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